Ladies of a Certain Age - Chick Peas

Cheeky Chick Peas

Or chickpeas if you wish – I love the flavour and texture of chick peas and that’s why I used them in two of the Dahlicious recipes. They are nutty and super nutritious!

Did you know that one cup of chick peas provides about 26% of recommended daily iron and 50% of daily fibre? Wow! I could get carried away with the benefits of chick peas but my favourite one relates to me personally – as a 50 year old woman – I am in the thick of menopause and NOT loving it!

Chick peas contain Phytoestrogens which are a plant version of oestrogen. Some evidence suggests that this may help to modulate your body’s production of the hormone in a way that could minimise hot flushes – seriously great news – bring on the chick peas baby!